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How it all started


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Brooklyn, NY

Because most consider his name a girl’s name, he pronounces it with a dose of testosterone; "STACY!” not “Stacy” Cordell.

Coming from the country roads of Jacksonville, TX, he had to learn how to fish, ride horses, and hold his ground during lunch table during joke sessions. Since he grew up being a goofy kid, he often stayed in trouble throughout school with countless office slips and even suspensions; that was until he expanded his audience from classmates to the school’s faculty and staff.

Even with his newfound success of making other’s laugh, STACY didn’t begin his comedy career until he was abruptly terminated from his dream job at the time in 2015. He took a student approach to start his career by enrolling in a comedy class taught by the great Dean Lewis where he learned the structure of joke writing and stand-up performance. Since his start in 2015, STACY has performed at some of the country’s most prestigious clubs including: The Improv, Carolines, Funny Bone, and New York Comedy Club.

In addition to performing stand-up, STACY has produced countless unique online sketches which has accumulated over 1 million + views across social media platforms and a following large enough to be labeled a micro-influencer. With his newfound online series “F Dates,”STACY is aiming to gather people from all walks of life to bring them around a common topic to unite the world one episode at a time.

STACY shadows the careers of his idols Kevin Hart, Jordan Peele, and Donald Glover. One of his goals is to represent an underserved community of people he considers “Negro-Polar Bears,” (black people who shop organic and drink coffee) through stand-up comedy, episodic shows, and movies.

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